My Caking Story

My name is Becky and baking is my cheeky love in life! It all started when I moved back in with my parents after university, and felt a bit of a 'geeky book-shaped' hole where my biochemistry and toxicology notes used to be. I therefore decided to sign up to an evening class, and cake decorating was the one. Until I realised I missed the enrolment period, and so took a reflexology course instead. The end.

Only kidding! (although I really did take a reflexology course, so if you ever have sore feet, don't come to me).

A year later in 2007 I made the enrolment period and excitedly started an evening course in NCFE Cake decorating (Level 1) at Watford College. That shortly followed by level 2, and I've been baking and decorating for friends and family ever since. It has been great to be able to have such a huge part to play in a lot of my friend's weddings, and making baby cakes still makes me smile (even if they can't physically eat it!).

I have since had my own little bubba (and I have subsequently already picked her first birthday cake, even though she's currently only 6 months old), and so really enjoy making cakes in my spare time. It would be great to one day give up the day job and focus on the cakes, but for now my time is split between a proper grown up job in pharmaceutical compliance, looking after my baby, and playing around with sugarpaste and eating offcuts.

I absolutely love a challenge, and as long as my husband is around to be my voice of reason when things go dreadfully wrong, will take on any suggestion. But I wont make life-sized portrait cakes of customers. That's just weird.

Ciao for now!