• What flavours and designs can you make?

Favourite flavours include vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, chocolate, fruit, carrot, but I can try just about anything! My newest discovery is a scrummy chocolate orange cake. Mmmmmmmmm.

Designs again can be anything, however I find it useful for clients to provide a few photo's of what they like or have seen already, so that I can get a feel of their 'style'.

  • What size do I need?

Portion sizes vary depending on the cake guide, however there is a rough size below to help you out:


  • What can I expect to pay?

Each cake is individually designed and made to your exact requirements. Therefore it is hard to give a fixed price but I have drafted some very vague guidelines below for example cakes. I remember when my friend got married before I had ever laid eyes on a cake tin, and thinking that the cake was ridiculously priced given it was just sponge and sugar, but since learning how to do it myself I now know how back-breakingly hard it is to create beautiful cakes (quite literally given you are hunched over some designs for over 30 solid hours), so I hope you understand where the costs originate from, and am sure that you will think it is all worth it when you see the final creation!

Single tier cake              from £40

Two tier cakes                from £60 (6” and 10”)

Two tier cakes                from £85 (8” and 10”)

Three tier cakes             from £120 (6”, 8” and 10”)

Three tier cakes             from £170 (8", 10" and 12")

Four tier cakes               from £220 (6”, 8”, 10” and 12”)

Cupcakes                       from £1.50 each

  • Do you deliver?

Yes I can deliver to your venue or house within Hertfordshire, or you can collect from me in St. Albans, Herts. Some guideline prices for delivery are below:

0-5 miles (from St. Albans) = Free

5-10 miles (from St. Albans) = £4.99

10-20 miles (from St. Albans) = £9.99

20-30 miles (from St. Albans) = £12.99

  • How early do I need to confirm dates etc?

The earlier the better, especially during the summer months when weekends get booked up very early for weddings, but you can always drop me a line to check availability, even if your occasion is only a few days away! Ideally this would be approximately 1 month before the delivery date.

  • How can I secure my booking?

Once I have confirmed availability and we have discussed the design I will request a non-refundable 25% deposit and that will secure your booking. The deposit will be taken off your final bill, which will be due 2 weeks prior to the date of delivery/collection.

  • Do you have stands to present the cakes on?

I do have a couple of cake/cupcake stands, which I can supply on request, however due to past experiences with venue's breaking them I do have to ask for a refundable deposit. This will be refunded on return of the in-tact stand.