St. Albans Cakes- are there too many bakers?

So after setting up The Boutique Cake Company a few weeks ago, I've discovered that LOTS of people like baking and decorating in St. Albans and Herts. I've also discovered that LOTS of people like eating cake. So what sets The Boutique Cake Company apart from the rest?

1) Each cake is individually designed and made based on your requirements, resulting in not only scrummy, but truly bespoke and beautiful cakes.

2) Each delicious recipe has been tried and tested by me, my husband, and my lucky friends on numerous occasions. Perhaps more than entirely necessary, but who would say no to eating a 'test cake'?

3) Allergy-free cakes can be made on request- I'm happy to try anything out (see point above)!

4) I have to admit that I've seen some dubious cakes since checking out some of the local competition but have also seen some quite amazing creations, which spurs me on even more to be the BEST.  I have been told by some of my customers that my attention to detail is unlike any other in St. Albans. I strive to make things look as lifelike as possible (see my 'pizza cake' in my 'celebration cakes' gallery) and especially enjoy making cakes look like food items.

5) Cake makes me smile 😄, which in turn makes my customers smile. 

So why go anywhere else? The Boutique Cake Company will knock your cakey socks off. If cakes wore socks.